Okiryu Kenpo

Founder Don Rodrigues

Oki-Ryu means “open system” and Kenpo means “way of the fist”. Oki-Ryu Kenpo was created by Shihan Don Rodrigues in 1982, with the assistance and certification of Grandmaster Nick Cerio. Unlike many systems that emphasize one particular style (kicking, throwing, wrist locks, etc.), Shihan developed this system to embody 50% upper body and 50% lower body, self defense of Kenpo, throwing from Judo, wrist and joint locks from Ju-Jitsu and the fluidity of Kung Fu. In our system, we teach the style to fit the student. A 50 year old student may not be able to do what a 6 year old student can do; however, he or she can and will still learn and reach the level of Black Belt. Also, we work with many students with physical limitations; therefore, the style is modified so that the student can still reach their goal of Black Belt.