About Our Classes


Our Tiny Tot (preschool) classes are for kids 3 – 5 yrs. old. The classes are 45 minutes long and most children attend two classes per week. Although all aspects of our system are taught in all classes, the Tiny Tot classes place emphasis on coordination, balance, large & small motor skills, following directions, setting goals, working with others the same age, discipline, and respect. Classes are Mon. & Wed. 5-5:45pm and Sat. 9:15am.


Our children classes are for 6 – 13 yr. old boys and girls. Children learn self defense and physical fitness; in addition to learning discipline, coordination, balance, flexibility, respect, a positive attitude and they just have fun! There are four areas that our school excels in with our young students: character development, positive attitude, dealing with peer pressure and getting good grades in school. All kids have a homework assignment every month that focuses on character development. Our instructors work hard at teaching the kids the “Yes I Can” attitude, which carries over from the Karate class into everything that they do. Children learn how to just say “No” to drugs and peer pressure. Also, we work very closely with the school system, requiring students to be behaved during school, maintain good grades and improve upon them. Children classes are held at a variety of times. During the summer, there are 9am classes, in addition to afternoon and evening classes. We also offer kids classes at the same time as adult classes (in different classrooms), for those parents that wish to study the Martial Arts at the same time as their children. This avoids making many trips to the school during the week. We have an incredible amount of families that study at our school. There are family discounts available, too. Classes are Mon & Wed  4pm – Mon & Wed 6pm – Tues & Thurs 4pm – Tues & Thurs 5pm – Tues & Thurs 6pm and Sat 10am.


Our adult classes are a great way to relieve stress, have fun, meet new friends, learn self defense, how to set goals, lose weight and get in better condition. After training for a few months, you will see great improvements in these areas, including the development of the “Yes I Can!” attitude. In our Karate program you will learn the development of Mind, Body & Spirit. Many students come to our school overweight and out of shape, while others come already in good condition. Students begin at their own rate, increasing exercise on a gradual basis. There is a wide range of adult classes at the DRKA; we consider adults on various working shifts. There is a late morning class and several late afternoon and evening classes. There are adult classes offered at the same time as children, allowing parents or older siblings the convenience to take class at the same time (in different classrooms). Also, adult students may use the weight lifting room anytime that the school is open. Classes are Mon & Wed 5pm, Mon & Wed 7pm, Tues & Thurs 11am, Tues & Thurs 6pm, Tues & Thurs 7pm, and Sat 10am.